story coaching
& consulting

The right story can open any door.

Stories don’t always have a beginning, middle, and end. Sometimes, the most powerful stories are as simple as the right metaphor or tag line.

Whether you are working on a presentation, pitch, web content, marketing materials, or even an email to your team, finding and telling a powerful story is what will close the sale or attract new supporters.

Story Coaching & Consulting is for individuals, managers, leaders, and teams who need guidance in asking the right questions and building a message that will make a difference.

If you’re getting ready to deliver a presentation, I’ll help you use everything you’ve got to have a captivating “conversation” with your audience and encourage them to take action.

If you’re a writing team, I’ll bring new energy to the room along with tried and true tools from the creative writing world to invigorate your ideas and show you how to produce copy for the long-term.

If you’re stalled with a creative project, I’ll provide some accountability, hand-holding, and a new perspective to help you make a breakthrough.

Story Coaching & Consulting will:

  • move your team out of the doldrums to be excited about work again
  • raise everyone’s Creative Confidence
  • help you re-envision and deliver that website, presentation, social media, new business pitch, or communications campaign
  • teach you and your colleagues how to brainstorm and create as individuals and as a group
  • make sure your new creative skills don’t get lost in the shuffle of daily demands
  • help you understand what it takes to give life to your vision and ideas

You're a born storyteller. Really.

You don’t have to belong to a super secret society to understand how to tell a great story. All you need is some direction and a few easy-to-use tools.

I love to share what works–and what doesn’t work–when you need to get your story out, sell an idea, a product, or even your own abilities.

Working with me is always a fun experience that will put you in touch with your own creative nature AND help you finish the project.



What it covers
Storytelling, writing, presenting, scheduling, brainstorming…and everything in between

Delivery method
Virtual or in person

Of course

Who is it for
Leaders, salespeople, presenters, writers, creators, content marketers and teams who need a new process to tell their story

Individuals with a creative project to start or finish