Storytelling & creativity at work

Because business writing IS creative writing

That’s just one of the many Story Mode philosophies by which we teach business communicators to become true storytellers.

Our long-distance “webshop” experience isn’t like all the rest. Elsewhere, you might get a webinar snooze-fest, or one-sided lecture that begs you to multi-task your way to the blessed moment when the speaker signs off.

That is NOT the Story Mode way. Our virtual sessions are productive, engaging, and absolutely not boring. This is your time to learn, to create, and to get work done.

Visit the Story Mode website or contact us to learn more.

For individuals

If you’re looking to beef up your business writing skills, our online course, Business Writing FUNdamentals teaches you everything you need to know, plus a few things you don’t. It takes you through the creative process of thinking about your message, your audience, and your goals. But it also adds a dose of creative writing and jolts of creativity.