Novel thinking
for content developers

The secrets of fiction work for all stories

Content marketers and developers, writers, creative teams, copywriters, etc. have cool jobs. You get to tell the stories. But the pressure to generate new ideas and compete for eyeballs can be overwhelming.

There’s no need to pull your hair out. We can help you plan ahead so you never need to ask: What will I write about next or What will capture attention?

Thinking like a novelist, seeing both the overall “arc” as well the “chapters,” will help you build a conversation with your audience and have them coming back for more. We’ll share our secret sauce for developing one story, told over time.

stories rock

Write differently

Creative writing workshops can do wonders for a content team stuck in the same ole, same ole.

Learning to ask the right questions, imagine fantastical worlds, create odd characters, or write as a group, these are all must-haves for anyone who is under the gun to produce great (and a lot of) content.

Throw more against the wall

Sometimes, your writing team needs a little push. This is where some professional nudging comes in. Only we’re not talking about cleaning your room. We’re talking about pushing ideas and conflicts to find original stories that command attention. 

Our own brand of brainstorming and tossing out crazy ideas brings crazy good stories every time. Once you find the right idea, you have to know what to do with it. This is where story meets success.




What it covers
Social media and content planning, creative nonfiction and fiction skills, interviewing, workshopping, and more

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Perfect for creative agencies, marketing and communications folks, sales people.