finishing school
for creators

We all need a little push now and then

We call it Professional Nudging. But really, we’re talking about building your creative confidence and sense of direction.

Sometimes it can be hard to translate the idea in your head to words on a page or steps on a plan. Or perhaps you don’t know the full story yet and aren’t sure how to discover it.

Deadlines, limitations, tangents, rants, sh&tty first drafts, ruthless editing…these are the tricks of the trade. Oh, and you can work wonders with a timer by your side.

Like a personal trainer, only better

We know the tried and true secrets of focus, concentration, starting from a blank canvas, moving forward, staying on schedule, and talking yourself into it.

We do all of these things in our own creative practice (we’re including Marie Kondoing the kitchen in this list) and love to share what works—and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re writing a book, creating a website, keeping a journal, collecting stories…you name it and we’ll help you discover the specific strategies that will bring you to the perfect ending.

Full Disclosure: We love helping folks finish their creative projects because we have so many of our own in-process creations laying around. After being professional freelance creators for many years, we know how to meet a deadline and cross the finish line when it matters. 


What it covers
Depends on the person and the project

Delivery method


Who is it for
Writers, creators, organizers, anyone ready to build creative muscle and finish a project