creative coaching

We all need a little push now and then

Imagine what you can do with a strong sense of creative confidence and direction.

For some folks, getting started is the hardest part. For others, it’s crossing the finish line. You may be having trouble translating the ideas in your head to words on a page or steps in a plan. Or perhaps you don’t know the full story yet and aren’t sure how to discover it.

Think of Creative Coaching like walking into Willie Wonka’s factory and seeing color and candy all around you. I’ll help you see those colors and shapes and how they might fit together.

We’ll talk practical matters too: deadlines, limitations, tangents, rants, sh&tty first drafts, ruthless editing…these are the tricks of any creative trade.

Coaching will help if you are:

  • trying to write a blog, book, play, content for work, or even quips for t-shirts
  • wishing you could finish the stories you stuck in a drawer or that professional nonfiction book you’ve wanted to write
  • longing to feel like an artist again
Need to be more creative at your job? Bring me to work.

Like a personal trainer, only better

I know the tried and true secrets of focus, concentration, starting from a blank canvas, moving forward, staying on schedule, and talking yourself into it. (Mostly because I’ve had to learn these secrets for my own success.)

I do all of these things–and experiment with other ideas–in my own creative practice (I’m including Marie Kondoing the kitchen in this list). Ask my students and they’ll tell you I love to share what works—and what doesn’t.

Whether you’re writing a book, creating a website, keeping a journal, collecting stories, trying to win new business…you name it and I’ll help you discover the specific strategies that will provide vision and direction and of course, bring you to the perfect ending.


What it covers
Depends on the person or team and the projects

Delivery method


Who is it for
Writers, creators, artists, and organizers, who are ready to build their creative muscle, start a new project or finish an old one, for you or for your job