for a crowd

Have a large group to inspire?


Sure, there are lots of speakers out there you can invite to your business gathering. Some of them may talk about storytelling. But will they get you talking too, telling your own stories? 

Instead of speaking to groups, we like to have conversations with groups of 50 or 500. (Our personal best is 700 people in an Atlanta hotel ballroom!)

Everyone participates in our conversations, and since we’re teachers at heart, we like to make sure they are learning something too.

Learn & do

For groups large and small

Our Active Conversations typically last 60 to 90 minutes. We’re ready to stand on stage (virtual, that is) and tailor the conversation to your audience. That may mean incorporating real-world examples from your organization or creating an exercise for the group to do together.


What it covers
How stories work in our personal and professional lives

Delivery method
Virtual (Throughout 2020)


Who is it for
Group meetings to inspire, teach, or move an organization toward a story culture