Congratulations on being selected for Connected to What Counts!
Let’s look at why your dealership signed you up for this experience—and how you can make the most of it.

Est time: 15-20 minutes

It’s time for everyone in your dealership to get comfortable talking about technology. That’s why you’re here. Thank you for joining this mission!

What does “talking tech” mean? It doesn’t mean you have to be a technology expert. It does mean that you don’t shy away from conversations that might convince a customer to deepen their connections with your dealership and expand their use of John Deere technology.

How can you make that happen? By becoming a more confident, persuasive conversationalist, AND by bringing the various departments of your dealership together so you tell a unified story.

  • Here are a few questions you will answer as you progress through this program:
  • How do you understand your customers’ stance on technology?
  • What does your dealership have to offer?
  • How do you bring it all together in persuasive conversations?
  • And how can everyone in your dealership share consistent stories in their own unique voices?

You’ll learn how to:
Practice Precision Communication. You’ll learn to develop a plan for conversations by matching details to the person, situation, and moment. This will keep you and the discussion focused and productive.

Define your Dealership Difference. Your dealership has truly unique and valuable differences that put you head and shoulders above the competition. You’ll clarify these advantages and even redefine what “competition” means.

Prepare for customer conversations. Using a simple step-by-step process, you’ll share your own knowledge and experience in a way that’s right for your role and your relationship with the customer. This fast framework will help you build stories ahead of time or on the fly.

Bring your full dealership together. Pool your ideas, experience, and know-how. You can help bring everyone into the conversation.