Use your words.

Tell stories. Ask questions. Say something real.

Stories matter. Now more than ever.

Are you telling the right story for these times? A great impact story captures attention, stirs emotion, and inspires action. It gives us confidence that you are what you say you are. Once you know how to harness the power of stories, you can accomplish anything. My practical, strategic, fun, unique, positive, and original programs are changing the way people communicate and connect. Let me help you bring the power and passion of your stories to life.


I am "all things story" for social impact leaders and doers. Learn how to "story fit" on the fly and share the story that matters most in the moment.


Presentations begin the moment you walk into the room. I'll help you tell the right story and use all you've got to make a personal connection right from the start.

The right story can open any door.

Jill's Philosophy #4

What kind of story do you tell?

The story a company (or a person) tells isn’t about a skill or product; it’s about who they are and what they value. That story can either earn you confidence and trust, or a swipe into the trash.

My mission is to help people–especially social impact leaders–to identify and share the stories that will resonate most with the audience standing in front of them.

As Story Coach, I help you to find, finesse, and integrate your impact stories into all of your relationship-building and speaking opportunities, not to mention your marketing/communications channels.


The way we tell the story and create a sense of drama can also make or break an opportunity. 

I enter “theatre director” mode to help individuals, small teams, or groups prepare for upcoming presentations and pitch events for audiences large and small.

This can include helping to write speeches, develop interactions, and pinpoint key moments for action.

But remember, presenting isn’t just about the words. That’s why I teach you to use your voice and body to help tell the story.


"The best storytellers are the ones who create conversations."

Jill Pollack, StoryStudio Chicago Founder

Why think in story?

Stories make us feel as if the action is happening to us. 

It’s like the difference between handing in a term paper vs. exploding a paper-mache volcano.

Term papers are great; but learning how a volcano works by actually experiencing one (at a safe distance) is so much better. 

In your time with me, you’ll learn by doing, taking projects from your todo list to work on right in our sessions.

Oh, and making an exploding volcano will always get you bonus points.

Learning is doing.

Storytelling is already in your DNA

Jill's Philosophy #4

Creative Confidence shouldn't be hard to come by

Who gets to be called an artist?

We all do! 

I’ll help you feel more creatively confident as you learn to create stories in your own unique voice. 

You’ll learn craft and strategies from the words of fiction, poetry, graphic novels, movies, advertising, business…anywhere a great story is told.

You decide what projects to work on and how to use your time. I’ll share the tools and techniques that will work best for you.

It's time to become a great storyteller at work.

Jill's Philosophy #7

Looking to train a large team?

No matter what your business or what you need to communicate, you have to cut through the noise to get your audience’s attention. The answer? A well-told story and a creative approach.

Along with my talented friend and colleague Beth Nyland, we created the Story Mode program to help large corporate teams get beyond the “the way we’ve always done it” and supercharge business with the skills and power to meet any communication challenge.


How will you make your stories more powerful and persuasive?

We can show you the way.

I use the lessons of fiction to transform business communicators into storytellers. Tell me the stories you’d like to be telling and I’ll share how I can help.