Use your words.

Tell stories. Ask questions. Say something real.

Stories matter. Now more than ever.

Is your company telling the right story for these times? 

A great business story captures attention, stirs emotion, and inspires action. It gives us confidence that you are what you say you are.

Once you know how to harness the power of stories at work, you can accomplish anything. Our practical, strategic, fun, unique, positive, original programs are changing the way people communicate at work.

Let us help you bring the power and passion of your stories to life.

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Our Story Mode programs offer a new way to think about business communications. Learn creative approaches to get past "the way we've always done it."

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If you or your team are feeling stuck, or inspired but clueless, I can open the gates to creative new thinking, ideas, and strategies from a world far away from work.

"The best storytellers are the ones who create conversations."

Jill Pollack, StoryStudio Chicago Founder


We build an experience tailored to your team.

No matter what your business or what you need to communicate, you have to cut through the noise to get your audience’s attention. The answer? A well-told story and a creative approach.

Get beyond the “the way we’ve always done it” and supercharge your business with the skills and power to meet any communication challenge—great or small.

That’s what it means to be in Story Mode!


Why think in story?

Stories make us feel as if the  action is happening to us. 

It’s like the difference between handing in a term paper vs. exploding a paper-mache volcano.

Term papers are great; but learning how a volcano works by actually experiencing one (at a safe distance) is so much better. 

In your time with us, you’ll learn by doing, taking projects from your todo list to work on right in our sessions.

Oh, and making an exploding volcano will always get you bonus points.

Learning is doing.

Storytelling is already in your DNA

While we do think highly of ourselves, we have to admit, we're not magicians.

Being a storyteller is something you have inside, something you were born with. What we do is help you harness that power for all the ways you communicate at work.

Once you understand the basic elements of a story, how they work in business (and in your personal life) and how to create one on the fly, you've all you need to win any room.

Creative Confidence shouldn't be hard to come by

Who gets to be called an artist?

We all do! 

We’ll help you feel more creatively confident as you learn to create stories in your own unique voice. 

You’ll learn craft and strategies from the words of fiction, poetry, graphic novels, movies, advertising, business…anywhere a great story is told.

You decide what projects to work on and how to use your time. We share the tools and techniques that will work best for you.

Since we all have to write better at work, it's time to become a better storyteller.

Philosophy #7

how will you make your stories more powerful and persuasive?

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Storytelling & Creativity at Work

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We use the lessons of fiction to transform business writers into storytellers. Tell us the stories you’d like to be telling and we’ll share how we can help.